JFC Training College established in 2006 is a training provider offering learners a wide range of high quality UK recognised qualifications.

We deliver professional, apprenticeship and vocational training in several sectors including adult care, child care, leadership and management, education, fitness, business and finance, employability and customer services. We provide a flexible, broad and challenging academic programme and individual attention to every student.

JFC Training College will stimulate and challenge you, enabling you to return to your organisation and/or country with new perspective and inventive new ideas for development and sharing with colleagues and for practical implementation.

It is our belief that for students to implement any new techniques or skills, they need to understand the benefits of using the learning and how to practically apply it to their day-to-day practices with confidence. To achieve this, we have designed our programmes to include a balance of theory, group and pair discussion, work placement (where appropriate), and one to one interaction with the trainer.

Mission and Vision

Our mission at JFC is to be A TRAINER OF EXCELLENCE FOR EXCELLENCE by being an outstanding and responsive college at the heart of learning in London and beyond’.

At JFC we are determined to ensure a high level of teaching is maintained and sufficient support is provided to all students. We aim to implement and develop both the skills and knowledge necessary to make students successful in life.

At JFC we aim to recognise and develop the potential of not only learners but also the staff. We place development at the heart of JFC and consistently aspire to develop staff, learners, environments, attitudes and training.

The work of JFC does not halt at learning, JFC also aims to make a positive contribution to the community whether it be through voluntary work or providing new opportunities to people.

Our Facilities

We have a wide range of facilities that are open to students, staff, visitors and the local community.

We continue to invest and expand the amenities available.

IT Suite/Resource Room

We have set up an IT division and invested in an extensive range of computer facilities. This means there is always a computer available when students need to do research, coursework or assignments. All computers provide essential applications as well as high-speed internet with access to email. The college has an exceptional team of IT professionals who are ready to help students with any computer problems.

Recording Studio

JFC Training College believes in investing in top of the range facilities and equipment to deliver the best possible training for our learners. We take great pride in our recording studio, latest and up to date software and mixing equipment; our learner can boast of learning in a very professional atmosphere and also meeting the industry standards of equipment and software.


Classrooms are pivotal to the learning experience. At JFC there are a range of classroom facilities available on demand. This provides learners the opportunity to study individually and in groups outside designated ‘lesson time’. Technology such as computers, projectors and laptops are available to enhance the classroom learning experience.

Fitness Studio

Our facilities include a cardiovascular area with treadmills, bikes, rowing machines, a range of resistance machines and free weights to develop strength, tone and muscular endurance.

The JFC Gym is the perfect pairing for Sport & Fitness students as well as being available for other students during lunch times and after college.

0207 732 9255

JFC Training College, 12-14 Wellington Street, Woolwich, London, SE18 6PE.

Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm, Sat: 9am-5pm


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