Adult Education Budget

Adult Education Budget

The Adult Education Budget is a fully funded programme provided by the government that is accessible to employers and individuals, funding a huge range of training. This programme is a great opportunity for employers to upskill their workforce and for individuals to kick-start their careers free of charge. The Adult Education Budget has some eligibility regulations that need to be met in order for an individual to commence training.

Who is eligible for the Adult Education Budget?

In order to be eligible to commence training within the Adult Education Budget, you must be within the following requirements:

  • An individual aged 19 to 23 can achieve a level 2 or 3 qualification if they don't have one
  • AEB can be used to fund low-waged individuals (less than £21,575 gross annual salary) aged over 24 to get their first level 2 or 3 qualification
  • AEB can be used to fund anyone who is unemployed for any course or qualification up to level 2
  • AEB can be used to fund any low-waged individual (less than £21,575 gross annual salary), whose first language isn't English, to improve their language skills up to level 2
  • AEB can be used to fund level 2 English and Maths for anyone over the age of 19

Each AEB funded course is within a certain area which has been authorised to deliver the training. You must be a resident within the area that the course has been authorised to deliver the training, in order to apply. Listed below are the courses we deliver in South East of England / East of England / Greater London.

Government Contribution Table

How to apply for AEB funded courses?

If you wish to apply for one of the AEB funded courses we provide, and are eligible as stated in the requirements, then you can visit our Course page. Fill out the 'apply now' form by selecting the course you are interested in and then click submit so we can review your application.

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