Apprenticeship Programme …………………………………

Apprenticeship Programme …………………………………

At JFC we have a range of apprenticeships on offer such as:
Adult Care
Business Administration
Children, Young People and Families
Health Care
Management and Leadership
Customer Service
Education and Training

As an apprentice you will work as an employee of a company, earning a wage and working alongside experienced staff to gain job-specific skills. At the same time, you will study at college, gaining nationally recognized qualifications in your sector.
Anyone aged 16 or above can be an apprentice, whether you are just leaving school, or are looking to start a new career.
To become an apprentice, you need to have an employer. The college can help find a suitable course for you, & you can arrange your own employment. Visit to see current employment opportunities.

Information for Employers
An apprentice is a full-time member of your workforce who combines on the job training, supplied by you, with college attendance; they study towards nationally recognised qualifications that are specific to your business needs.
By combining learning and training through a mixture of on and off the job training, apprentices develop the skills and knowledge your business needs whilst gaining essential industry qualifications and accreditations. All apprenticeships include the following elements;

· An appropriate work-based qualifications
· Either key skills or functional skills
· A technical qualifications relevant to the specific apprenticeship
· Other qualifications or requirements as specified by the occupation or employer

Information for Learners
Apprenticeships are flexible work based learning programmes that give you the opportunity to gain valuable skills and experience, a nationally recognized qualification and earn a wage at the same time.
As an employee, apprentices work alongside experienced staff in the workplace learning hands-on job specific skills and getting invaluable experience. You will usually also attend college on a day release basis, improving your theoretical knowledge of the subject and working towards your qualifications.
You can be just leaving school, have already been in employment, or are looking to start a new career.
Apprenticeships are designed with the help of employers, so you gain all the skills you need to do a job well and get the experience you need to get employed. Once you have completed an apprenticeship, you will have a lot of options for your future – you can go on to do a higher level apprenticeship, continue your education and even go to university, or progress up the career ladder in your sector.

Levels of Apprenticeship
We offer two types of apprenticeships at the college. Which level you undertake will depend upon your current qualifications or experience.

Intermediate Apprenticeships
You will work towards a work-based learning qualification, such as level 2 competence qualifications, functional skills such as English, Maths and IT and a relevant knowledge based qualification.
Intermediate apprenticeships are equivalent to five GCSEs.

On completion of an intermediate apprenticeship, you can progress to an advanced apprenticeship at level 3 or continue in employment.

Advanced Apprenticeships
These level 3 apprenticeships are suitable for those who have completed a level 2 apprenticeship or for those who are existing employees and already have some experience in their job role.
You will work towards a work-based learning qualification, such as level 3 competence qualifications, functional skills such as English, Maths and IT and a relevant knowledge based qualification.
The advanced apprenticeships are equivalent to two A Levels.
On completion of an advanced apprenticeship, you can progress to a higher education course, or progress up the career ladder in employment.

How do I Apply for Apprenticeship Course?
If you are already in employment, you can apply directly to the college to start an apprenticeship programme.
For admission contact the College Admin Team on 02077329255
If you have not yet got an employer, you can have a look at the vacancies at the National Apprentice Service
For new Apprencticeship standards, please click here.