– – Christian Ministry Courses – –  Part time

– – Christian Ministry Courses – – Part time

  • Theology
  • 12 weeks part time
  • Christian Ministry Courses
  • Theology

Christian Ministry Courses are structured for both young Christians and those who would like to refresh their understanding of God’s word.

The college admits qualified applicants who are personally committed to faith in Jesus Christ and Christian Ministry. JFC Training College does not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, natural origin, sex, qualified handicap or disability in any of its policies, practices, or procedures.

This provision includes but is not limited to admissions, employment and educational services.


Demonology & Deliverance
Discover the origin, categories and activities of demons and the seven powerful prayers which can be applied to heal any heart issue you may be facing (i.e. anger, fear, abandonment, perversion, failure, unbelief, etc.). These prayers are: 1) breaking generational sins and curses; 2) severing ungodly soul ties; 3) replacing negative beliefs; 4) renouncing inner vows; 5) receiving divine visions; 6) casting out demons; and 7) applying the Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus. These unique prayers, when integrated together to heal a particular heart problem, are extremely effective.

Introduction to Intercessory Prayers
This course is designed to encourage the student to take hold of his part in intercession alongside that of our “Great Intercessor,” Jesus Christ. The course is divided into two sections of six lessons each. The focus of Section 1 is to educate, encourage and infuse the student in his very real calling to intercession. The focus of Section 2 is to take the student from the practical aspects of intercession into the realm of His presence.

Mission & Personal Evangelism
This course is a study of the Biblical role of, and practical approaches to, personal evangelism. It includes learning how to initiate the conversation with someone, present the Gospel to him, and lead him to Christ if he is ready. You will also study other contemporary material on the subject. The course includes spending thirty hours in actual, practical, personal evangelism.

• All Certificate Courses are 12 weeks part-time
• One evening every week (6.30pm – 9.30pm)

Students are admitted to college at any time (1st, 2nd or 3rd Term) during the academic year, ending their studies 3 months later. However, we prefer students to enrol within the first two weeks of a new term.

An applicant must fulfil the following requirements in order to be admitted as a JFC Training College student:

• Submit a completed application form obtainable on request from the office of admissions by a phone call or online by visiting www.jfctrainingcollege.co.uk.
• Submit one completed reference: from denominational official, Church official, Pastor, colleague or employer. No reference is accepted from either a family member or relative.
• A £20.00 (Twenty pound) non-refundable registration fee must accompany the application form.
• Two (2) recently taken colour passport size photographs. The photographs must be a 2″x2″ head-and-shoulders photograph only.
• Be actively involved in ministry of a local church while enrolled. This is essential since a feature of the programme is the application and integration of the concepts being studied into a church-based ministry.

Applicants are notified in writing regarding the decision of the admissions office as soon as possible after the application forms have been received and processed. Admission to JFC Training College is official upon the student’s receipt of a letter of admission from the college.

Registration day is the first day of a new term. On the day, each student will be given a few materials to get the student started and a copy of the Student’s Handbook.